Enough talk. Get it done.

Enough talk. Get it done. 

Goals. We all have them. Unfortunately, not everyone can say that they have the best success rate when it comes to sticking to their goals all the way through. With the end of August approaching, and September on its way, many new fitness goals will be gearing up for a second coming. #newyearsresolutionpart2

Here are 5 tips that will help you keep on the right path towards your fitness goals.

1.Get it over with

Rise and grind! Get the crust out the eye and get your goals out of the way first thing in the morning. Putting the gym first on your to-do list has many benefits. It gets the blood flowing, metabolism moving, and finally, you get it out of the way. If you start with exercise first thing in the day you can put the “I'm too tired” excuse to rest.

2. Invest in your fitness

Make it cost you. Investing in yourself by purchasing a personal training or group fitness classes will greatly help with keeping yourself accountable. We don’t want money to go to waste by registering for a gym membership just to not attend. Investing in a trainer or a class will help to push you into the right direction. A good trainer will push you to take the right steps towards conquering your goals. Many trainers will also have cancellation fees which will add to you taking an initiative to get up and out of bed to get towards your goals. Of course, it isn’t the cheapest route but there surely are habits within your life that you should be cutting to reach your goals. Establish your values and see it through.

3. Tell the world

Telling people what your fitness goals are will help with accountability. The more that people know, the more likely you are not going to bail on your own goals. Speaking about your goals repeatedly also serves as a positive reminder to yourself for what it is that you are working towards. Telling those that are close to you also gives you supporters which can help catapult you towards your goals.. especially when times get tough. You are a supporter yourself and you don't even know it. All those likes you give to people you follow on social medias like Instagram and Snapchat help push them towards their goals. Have your own following and make something of it.

4. Train with a partner

After telling the world you should stumble upon individuals that share the same goals as you. Hold on to these people and create your own 'gym wolf pack'. There are many perks to training with a partner. From keeping each other accountable, providing each other motivation, and pushing one another in and out of the gym. Find your wolf pack and conquer your goals together one step at a time.

5. Set a time

Grab your calendar. Be realistic and set a day. This is the date you are going to check in to see the results of your hard work. When you set a time to accomplish a goal you are more likely to stay motivated and driven towards that goal. It works when your boss assigns you a task. In this situation you are your own boss with your own deadline set. So get to it.

When it is all said and done it is entirely up to you to achieve your goals. If you want something, you must put the effort to get it. It all comes down to the effort that your put forward. Establish a goal, think it, do it.

Steven Bolé
Strength and Conditioning Coach
Catalyst Health


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