Build that Base!

Build that Base!

With so many exercises out there... where do I start?

I’ve heard this question time and time again, so let’s nip that in the bud.

Here are some fundamental compound movements you should include in your exercise regimes to build a stronger and sexier you:

Exercise #1: Squats
Squats are a lower body push-focused movement that will build overall strength. This movement focuses on the legs and core, and can produce huge benefits when including a weighted load. Strengthening your legs also improves the development of healthy hormones, which then help by promoting strength gains and weight loss!

Exercise #2: Deadlifts
Deadlifts are a lower body pull-focused movement that targets the body as a whole! The focus on this movement primarily targets the butt, core, back and legs. You'll get the most benefit from this movement if you learn to do it correctly, so be sure to record yourself and learn the proper technique. Be safe when working on that peach emoji!!

Exercise #3:  Push-Ups
Push ups are an upper body push-focused movement that includes muscles like the chest, triceps, and core. This movement is a great indicator of one's overall upper body strength. Having strong pecs, core and chiseled arms should surely be near the top of your fitness needs.

Exercise #4:  Pull-Ups / Rowing
Pull-ups are an upper body pull-focused movement that includes your back, biceps and core. Everyone should work towards pull-ups, as it is the best indicator of overall upper body strength. To work your way up to pull-ups, start by rowing with your body weight, then progress from there. One of the best parts on the body is your back, just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean everyone else shouldn’t have the chance to appreciate it!

Every one of these previously stated movements is a compound movement. Compound movements are ones that include multiple muscle groups at once, which maximize your work efficiency. In plain English, you get the most benefits by focusing on compound movements. Take your time, focus on form, and get results.

Happy Training!

Written By: Steven Bole, Strength and Conditioning Specialist
Instagram: @iamstevenbole
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