Holiday Vitality

With the holiday season upon us I have been asked recently by many concerned clients, "How do I manage the holiday season excess of heavy meals, snacks and bevy's? I don't want to gain weight and lose any of my exercise results".

Here is my recommendation to manage the season of excess:

1) Plan Ahead!
The most important advice I can give is to plan ahead. You know the holiday routine commitments are heavy so preparation is key. Have an office holiday lunch? Start your day off with a protein-based breakfast and have a late morning snack to ward off any starchy cravings. Have an event in the evening? Drink lots of water in the day; pack a healthy lunch and snacks in order to keep your metabolism in check going into that holiday dinner.

2) Keep Training. Stay active!
Try and fit in a couple of training sessions right up until the holidays. Book in some standing appointments with your trainer; we'll help with the accountability. We are here to keep you on track! Can’t make it to the gym? Plan some festive activities like snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, hitting the skating rink or even just going for a brisk after-dinner walk. Every little bit helps.

3) Portion sizes.
Control your portion sizes at those holiday parties. Grab a smaller plate to curb over eating, you will trick your brain to cue think you are full sooner. And don't overload on the carbs; most holiday meals are carb heavy, but your meal doesn’t have to reflect that. Fill your plate with lean protein and all the vegetables available!

4) Alcohol Intake
Eliminate mixes with juices, pop or sugars. For spirits; stick with water, or club soda. Choose top shelf spirits and wines that have an extensive distillation or aging process. Go for quality, not quantity. It is the holidays, after all, treat yourself to a one or two really premium drinks instead of gorging on generic spiked punch or boxed wine. Always make sure to enjoy in moderation and surround your intake with proper hydration.

For those who really want to stay on track try to tighten or eliminate your alcohol intake leading up to the “holidaze” and give your body some time to rest. Of course, you can also rebound your celebratory events with a vitality workout @ Catalyst Health. We'll get you back on track... and detoxed.   :)

5) Finally... Don't Stress
Enjoy yourself, celebrate, treat yourself but be good to yourself. It's all about balance... I know, I know, we hear this all the time but its essential. Additional pressures, stress and anxiety will only compound a negative outcome over the holidays. Find the right balance of exercise, healthy choices and healthy rewards. Let go, breathe and enjoy. In the end a happy mind will result in a happy body... and vice versa.

Mark Krysko


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