You're not working out hard enough.

Today I am writing to tell you that you are not working out hard enough. 

Don't feel guilty. Neither was I.

I have been exercising religiously since I was in grade 8. I used to cut out the "8 week abs" exercises from my Cosmo magazine. I used to turn on Much Music and literally jump up and down for 30 minutes while watching music videos (yes, they actually played music videos back then).
I exercise six and a half days a week. My "rest" days generally consist of yoga or (at the very least) a long walk. Working out keeps me balanced, energized and feeling my absolute best. For me it is a non-negotiable.

Up until recently I was under the impression that I was in pretty fantastic shape. And maybe I was. But, let's get real, I was coasting. I was running at a speed that was comfortable. I was getting cozy with those 8 pound dumbbells. I was practically in a relationship with the same workouts DVDs that I've been using for years. 

The second I walked into Catalyst I knew that I had to step up my game. Part of my interview process involved a one hour training session with one of the owners of the gym. Afterwards I could not walk down stairs. I had to sit for five minutes post-session to prevent puking.... 

It was awesome.

Just a typical day at the gym...

I have seen people doing some incredible things on the gym floor at Catalyst. I've had an 87 year old man doing squat jumps (with 30lbs in his hands, no less). I've witnessed one of my co-workers busting through a 5 1/2 minute mile. I've seen women twice my age doing things that I could not even imagine attempting.

Catalyst employees hard at work

 The moral of this story is: don't stop pushing yourself. The human body is capable of incredible things. There are no limits. If you want to be in the best shape possible you should be pushing past your personal barriers on a regular basis. Yes you will look better naked, but you'll also be stronger, faster, healthier & without-a-doubt your best self. So increase the speed on the treadmill, pick up a heavier set of weights & tell your head to take a hike when it tells you that it wants to slow down or stop moving. (Or, hell, book a session with a Catalyst trainer & we won't let you).

Broken Shoulder?

What broken shoulder?
No excuses!

Danielle Bossin-Hardy,  BA, PTS, CNP (Hons)
Strength and Conditioning Specialist
Holisitic Nutritionist


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