Stay Fit While Travelling!

This is a great time of year for a vacation: all-inclusive beach resorts, long weekend ski trips, March break escapades, etc. Traveling is no excuse to ditch your workout. No one wants to arrive home from vacation ten pounds heavier. For those of you heading out of town – do not throw away all of the hard work you’ve been putting in at the gym. Balance out your margarita consumption with some form of daily exercise.  Staying fit while traveling can be a challenge but it is NOT impossible – all you need is some creativity, a pair of running shoes & a touch of self-motivation.

Here you will find 7 easy-to-follow tips for staying in shape while traveling, so leave your excuses at home.

#1 – Walk. The best part about traveling is the opportunity to explore. Ditch the open-air bus and hit the streets. If you leave your hotel in the morning and wander the city until dinner you will be well deserving of a glass of wine and perhaps even a foreign delicacy for dessert...
                                                                                      A Beach Stroll in Nicaragua

#2 – Run – Same idea. All you need is a pair of running shoes & the open road. Use this as an opportunity to see a part of the city you have yet explore, or if you are afraid of getting lost do laps around the city center, a big monument or even a local schoolyard. If a beach is nearby you may even be lucky enough to leave those running shoes at home....
             Running in Rotterdam

#3 – Bike – Most cities offer daily bike rentals. Much like walking you can use a bicycle to explore a new city (bonus: you can cover a larger area on two wheels than you can on two feet).
                                           30km bike ride in Laos

#4 – Yoga – Most hotel rooms are carpeted, meaning no yoga mat necessary, but you can also toss down a large towel if you are practicing on a hard surface. If you are looking to challenge your cardiovascular system opt for a yoga flow centered around sun salutations. If you are a relatively inexperienced yogi stick to some basic stretches, focusing on your breath. Use this as an opportunity to acknowledge wherever you are in the world. Travel can be stressful and trips often pass us by before we are really able to appreciate them. Dedicating 30 minutes in the morning to your body will help you to be present for the rest of the day…

                                        Sun Salutations in Costa Rica

#5 – Local Fitness Classes – Seriously. I have done water aerobics in the Dominican Republic; yoga in Costa Rica; outdoor aerobics in Laos; Bikram in Holland & pilates in Germany. A simple google search will send you in the right direction, and don’t worry about the language barrier: follow the instructor or an able-looking person in your sight line…

#6 – Workout DVDs – I have an abnormal obsession with at-home workout DVDs. These are a staple to my fitness routine even when I am at home: they are inexpensive, they require little to no equipment and you can begin and end your workout without changing out of your pajamas. If, like most present-day travelers, you are traveling with a computer simply pack one or two workout DVDs – depending on the length of your trip. Check your local bookstore for an incredible array of options: from kick boxing to ballet, your favorite workout isn’t more than a click away.
#7 – Hotel-Room Circuits. Pushups. Tricep Dips. Jumping Squats. Lunges. Sit-Ups. Burpees. Side Plank. Jumping Jacks. Bicycle Crunches. Mountain Climbers. Repeat. Create your own custom workout using any (or all) of these exercises  – try to do at least two sets of 15 repetitions – switching rapidly from exercise to exercise in order to keep your heart rate elevated.

#8 (Bonus Tip!) – Take advantage of whatever fitness facility is at your disposal. Most hotels have a fitness center or a pool – spend 20 minutes on the stair climber or swim laps – aim for some form of exercise each and every day!
Empty Pool = Perfect for a Morning Workout   

Danielle Bossin-Hardy
BA, PTS, CNP (Hons.) 
Strength and Conditioning Specialist
Holistic Nutritionist


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