Are You Too Comfortable?

How many of us have a similar daily routine?  We generally know what the world is going to deliver us each day, and more importantly, we generally know how we are going to respond.

From a fitness perspective, this repetitive routine is the exact opposite of what we strive for. Physiologically speaking, for a muscle to grow we need to create a specific environment. In short, when a proper exercise stimulus is provided (ex. weight training) the body will adapt to that stress by increasing muscular strength and size. At its most basic level, this is what training is all about. Sounds great right? Well it is…unless you maintain this stimulus to the point it becomes routine. Without changing the stimulus, out muscles have nothing to adapt to. We are no longer progressing, and we are no longer achieving results.

Now the question is…does this same theory apply to us as people?  If we go through our days in a "cloud of comfort" to the point we are able no longer challenging ourselves, does this mean WE are not progressing??

I read this quote yesterday…”In order to experience something new, you have to do something you’ve never done before”.   This is a great quote, but the humorous thing is that I read this while standing in the washroom…before my first ever 10k race.

For those who know me, distance running excited me about as much as watching paint dry. Then I asked myself…do I really dislike running? Or was that a wall I was putting up to help maintain my “comfort zone”? How can I detest something I’ve never done before? 

With that attitude I decide to breakout of my comfort zone and dare to try something I swore I never would. Yes, this race was for charity and the money went to a great cause (Oakville Hospital Foundation and the Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada), but it was also for me. It gave me the opportunity to challenge myself physically, and more important, mentally.

Trust me, the moment the race was complete I was grinning ear to ear (and that had nothing to do with my time!) I was simply proud that I accomplished a new challenge.

Game Plan:
This month, sign up for something outside your comfort zone. Choose something that challenges you, excites you, or even terrifies you.  

Have someone to be accountable to…this will help keep you motivated on your new path.

**Please consult your health care provider before following any advice on this blog.


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