For the first of many nutrition related blogs, lets start with the most difficult meal of the day for most people. I’ve noticed that the typical breakfast has a few problems; it’s eaten too long after waking, its carbohydrate dominant, and worst of all....sometimes it doesn’t occur at all.

Try the following tips to start your day in “fat-burning” mode vs. “fat-storing” mode.
  • Eat within 30 min of waking.
  • Protein is your friend. Aim for at least 20 g in the morning (this is important for body-fat reduction and maintenance of muscle tone).
  • Avoid refined sugars as these start you off on the wrong path and lead to that mid-morning muffin craving.
  • Fibre is key – Aim for at least 5 g in the morning through consumption of whole, unrefined, complex carbs. (2 fibre types: Soluble – slows the release of carbohydrates into the blood stream. Insoluble – provides a detox for your digestive tract).

Skipping breakfast is associated with an increase caloric intake later in the day. Don’t skip this meal!

When clients initially resist the breakfast conversation, two popular excuses are usually mentioned. Luckily, the solutions are simple.

Excuse #1 – “I’m not hungry in the morning”
Problem Solved – A small, protein rich breakfast will be easily digested without leaving you feeling too full in the morning. A breakfast smoothie works well here.

Excuse #2 – “I have no time”
Problem Solved – A protein shake takes less than 5 min to blend up (thank you Magic Bullet!!). There's no need to wake up at 5am and milk the cow…cottage cheese and yogurt are already made for you.  For those of you who really enjoy pushing the snooze button, just make some hard-boiled eggs the night before and have these guys with a piece of whole-grain toast before you head out the door.

Making breakfast a priority in your lifestyle will lead to countless benefits that your body will thank you for. 

**Please consult your health care provider before following any advice on this blog.


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