Celebrity Transformations... "How did they do that?”

Here’s the skinny on body transformations, constantly seen in the media with celebrities training for an upcoming role. Drastic weight loss and/or weight gain as seen with Hugh Jackman for his role of Jean Valjean in Les Miserables to the muscle bulging Wolverine. 
First of all let me be clear, we take celebrities and competing athletes through grueling and ridiculous training and diet prescriptions for this type of fast pace training result. These exercise routines and dietary restrictions are not sustainable, and at times "tricks of the trade" are used to impose a particular aesthetic for a day of filming or photo shoot. For instance and old bodybuilding trick of eliminating carbohydrates and water deprivation for 24 – 36 hours can shred you of your water weight and sculpt you down to extremely diced mid section. But it’s also stressful and dangerous for the body. So, how do we accomplish these types of results safely you ask? Well, here’s the skinny

Mind over matter: When training, you need to get a little crazy. I mean, every workout session you need to take yourself above and beyond your current exercise capacity. The theme is overload! Continually overload your body with conditioning and strength training. If you’re comfortably working a resistance and succeeding at every exercise and conditioning protocol, you’re not working hard enough. Fail and fail beautifully. Get out of your head and don’t listen to those little voices that say, “I’m tired”, “I can’t”, “I need a break”. The objective here is too breakdown... and then come in the next day and do it all over again.

Nutrition: An essential component to complement your exercise routine, whatever your goals are your nutrition intake needs to be on track. No excuses. There’s way too much misinformation about nutrition out there. Hire a professional and get it straight. You need your body in a healthy balance to respond to your training protocol. If it isn’t, you won’t achieve your exercise results in a timely matter. Simple. 

Life Balance: De-­‐stress yourself as best as you can. Add complementary stress in the form of exercising and eliminate uncomplimentary stresses in life like poor eating habits, straining relationships, overworking and unrest. Easier said than done but a stressful lifestyle is going to reek havoc on your cortisol levels and stress hormones. This is the number one killer in attaining the results you want. In my 12 years of experience and training probably over 1000 clients, including celebrities and professional athletes, happy people that enjoy their jobs, take care of themselves and avoid unnecessary drama get the best and most astonishing results. The mind and body are in balanced and a favorable aesthetic will emerge. 

Lastly... get some rest. Sleep is crucial. This is your recovery and recuperation time from your exercise stimulus. Apply these principles and fully commit to them. The body is capable of amazing transformations with the proper application. Have you fully committed yourself to your desired result?


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