Stop Living with Back Pain

Something as simple as adding a few short and easy movements to your daily routine (yes movements…not strenuous exercises) can help keep or gain mobility in your spine, relax and lengthen tight muscles and decrease pain.  
Some movements can even be done while sitting at your desk (and still working). 

 At one time or another we have all experienced some type of back pain. Whether it’s from an injury/trauma, overuse, sports-related injury, postural, structural or from sitting at our desks for long periods.

Pilates based movements can be a great addition to your current work-out program. For those who think Pilates is “girly” or “easy”… try a class! The intensity level can vary drastically depending on the instructor, style of Pilates, equipment available and experience of the student(s).
 Basic movements can even be used in the initial stages of healing an injury (this is a great time to start…work with your body to help it heal).
I would recommend trying at least 2 Private Pilates sessions before starting any group matwork or equipment based class. 
It is important to understand the language of Pilates and have the body awareness of the small stabilizing movements needed to progress to more difficult exercises.

Pain sets in when muscles are tight…we were built to move!

Cheryl Breznicar, RMT CCAMA
Registered Massage Therapist
Medical Acupuncture Provider
Certified Stott Pilates Instructor


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