Don't Get Sick!!

Don’t Get Sick!
Top Tips to Strengthen Your Immune System & Avoid the Fall Flu
It’s that time of year: temperatures are changing, kids are coughing, stress levels are high, bodily defences are low. The key element when it comes to battling illness is prevention: don’t wait until your body fails you – boost it up with the following lifestyle, supplement & diet recommendations:

My Fave Lifestyle Recommendations:
    1)     Wash Your Hands (& avoid that hand sanitizer…) – Wash your hands regularly to avoid picking up someone else’s unwanted illness. This is especially important after being in a public place (i.e. after riding the TTC). Hand sanitizer destroys good bacteria along with the bad. Good bacteria is essential for healthy immunity so stick to soap and water & avoid those toxic water-free pumps…
      2)     Sweat it Out – Exercise has been shown to greatly strengthen the immune system. Hot baths & steam rooms are also fantastic for ridding the body of toxins and cleaning out our sinuses.
3)     Rest – Aim for 8 hours of sleep/night. Stress plays a huge role when it comes to fending off the flu: nothing is more important than   your health (& nothing will slow you down faster than getting sick). Take  a day off, try out yoga or meditation & don’t forget to breathe!

4)     Ditch the Sugar – Fact: consuming 1 tsp of sugar suppresses your immune system for 4 hours. Don’t take the risk. 

My Fave Immune-Boosting Supplements:
-        Vitamin C - Anti-viral AND anti-bacterial - #boom
-        Oil of Oregano – Put the drops right under your tongue for optimal absorption
-        Probiotics – High dose probiotics are essential: good bacteria trumps bad bacteria!

My Fave Immune-Boosting Foods:
      -        Raw Garlic (bruschetta, anyone?)
      -        Raw Ginger
      -        Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice
      -        Raw Honey

No sick days, no missed workouts, no stints of antibiotics – no excuses!  
Make your health a priority & you’ll be feeling like a rockstar all season long!

Danielle Bossin-Hardy
    Nutritionist, Strength & Conditioning Specialist


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