Day 2: 7-Day Spring Detox

Why The Hell Are We Oil Pulling?!
(The short-form answer...)

Welcome to Day 2 of the Catalyst Spring Detox! I have heard a lot of feedback on the daily requirement of oil pulling (some raving reviews, a few scathing remarks) so I thought I would take this opportunity to explain why I have added this lifestyle recommendation
to your cleanse...

OIL PULLING (in a nutshell):

-       Ancient Ayurvedic Practice Used to Promote Detoxification and Oral Health
-       Pulls Toxins Out Via Gums
-       Energizes Body
-       Reduces Inflammation
-       Supports Normal Kidney Function
-       Antibacterial (bacteria in the mouth = toxic to the body)
-       Strengthens the Immune System
-       Strengthens Teeth and Gums
-       Freshens Breath
-       Whitens Teeth
-       Reduces the Effects of a Hangover (hopefully not an issue while detoxing;)

Cleansing is not always easy & it’s not always fun but I promise you will feel amazing by Day 7 if you stick with it. The weekend is always the hardest so if you are in need of extra support over the next 3 days feel free to drop me a line! (Tomorrow’s blog post is on self control...)

Happy Detox!



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