Day 3: 7-Day Spring Detox

Control Y’Self
Happy Saturday detoxers! The weekend is often the biggest hurdle that we need to overcome while cleansing. For one week I am asking you to ditch the Friday night pizza, say no to wine with dinner, bail on your usual Saturday night plans, refuse eggs benny for brunch & ditch the urge for ice cream on Sunday afternoon.
I’m not saying that this is easy. Willpower is defined as the ability to resist short term temptation in favour of a long term goal. We all have our individual reasons for joining this 7-day cleanse – don’t forget why you started – that personal objective is the one thing that will sustain you this weekend when you feel the urge to abandon ship.
Here are 7 tips to help you through the next few days without succumbing to temptation:
#1) Workout: Exercise releases endorphins. Mood is the primary trigger when it comes to cravings, so by improving your mood through exercise you are less likely to fall off the healthy eating wagon. (Plus: why would you want to completely derail your progress if you’re working so hard in the gym & in the kitchen?!)
#2) Plan Ahead: if you are going out for dinner scope out the menu beforehand so that you know what menu items are detox-friendly. If you are cozying up for a movie date bring your own snacks (nuts, dried coconut, kale chips, etc.). Planning ahead will keep you in control of your situation, reducing the risk of a socially-imposed cheat.
#3) Drink Water: Next time you have a craving for some chocolate or a handful of chips drink a tall glass of water. Many of us mistake thirst for hunger. The time spent drinking the water will also help you to re-gain control over your self-control. 
#4) Eat Fat: Fat will help to satiate you so make sure you incorporate some form of healthy fat into every meal (avocado, nuts, seeds, flax oil, hemp hearts, etc.). Fats stabilize blood sugar levels, greatly reducing cravings.
#5) Keep a Journal: Emotional eating is a major issue – odds are your craving for sweets is not related to hunger at all. Are you tired? Excited? Upset? Anytime you have a craving mark it down. Record the time of day, how you are feeling, what you’ve eaten that day, your energy levels – anything that you think may relate. This will help you to figure out where the craving comes from on a psychological level; making it easier to recognize that trigger and hopefully helping you to avoid a similar situation in the future.
#6) Distract Y’Self: Go for a walk. Call a friend. Read a trashy magazine. Do something (anything) that will distract you from that craving (ideally find a task that you do not associate with eating…).

#7) Sleep!!: When we don’t get enough sleep our bodies produce an overload of the hormone ghrelin – the hormone that triggers hunger. When we are under-slept our bodies crave energy in any form (typically resulting in a strong desire for caffeine, salty snacks and/or sugar). Aim for a minimum of 8 hours of sleep per night to boost your metabolism, eliminate cravings and increase self-control.


No grains past lunch

No soy (replace soy protein with extra veg or legumes)

No soy sauce

Check sauces and dressings for added sweeteners (i.e. maple syrup)


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