Day 4: 7-Day Spring Detox

Detox-Approved Restaurants

Just because you are on a cleanse does not mean that you are restricted to your own kitchen. Toronto is full of restaurants that can accommodate your detox needs. 
Below is a list of Danielle-approved restos & the menu items that I recommend. 
Wine and dine yourselves detoxers! 
(minus the wine, naturally!)

      -       Big Salad
      -       California Classic Salad 
      -       All Star Salad (no tofu – extra sweet potato)
      -       Approved Dressings: house, tahini, green, wild ginger

-       Green Goddess Bowl (no tempeh – extra veg)
-       Powerhouse Bowl (no tofu –extra veg)
-       Groundling Greens (no tofu –extra veg)
-       Beach Bowl (no tofu, no cheese)
-       Macro Greens
**All bowls can be eaten on brown rice or soba noodles
**Bowls are approved for lunch, not dinner 
(except the macro greens, which can be eaten for any meal)


-       Samosas
-       Nori Rolls
-       All Green Goddess Salad
-       House Salad
-       Approved Dressings: tahini garlic, oil & lemon
-       Taco Wrap


-       Pad Thai

-       Big Bowl Salad
-       Alkaline Salad
-       Detox Salad
-       Approved Dressings: dill tahini, ceasar, umeboshi, hemp oil, balsamic
-       Beet Burger on Collard Greens
-       Raw Pizza
-       Portobello Steak

Magic Oven

-       Vegan Magic Pizza (gluten free rice crust)
-       Flavanoid Lovers Pasta (brown rice noodles)
-       Grain, Lentil & Green Salad
-       Approved Sides: beets in lemon, stir-fry napa, garlic steamed kale and broccoli, rosemary sweet potato, lentils beans & grains, vegan chickpea power

**Pizza, Pasta and the Grain Salad are approved for lunch, not dinner


-       Brown Rice Rolls (salmon, avocado, cucumber, veggie, tuna, etc.)
-       Sashimi (all)

**Brown rice rolls are approved for lunch, not dinner


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