Day 7: 7-Day Spring Detox

Day 7!!!  This is it!!!

Congrats to everyone who powered through all 7 days of the Catalyst Spring Detox. Hopefully your cravings are gone,
your energy is up and your pants are a
little bit looser than they were a week ago…

Committing to a cleanse is never easy. You have dedicated the past week to yourself and your health - you should all be incredibly proud for powering through!

Now - I know you’ve all been dreaming about what you’re going to be eating when this insanity ends tomorrow
(Cappuccinos! Pizza! Chocolate! Tequila!)
but there are a few ‘guidelines’ for coming off of a cleanse that I strongly suggest you follow. 

Honestly: the way that you break your cleanse
is almost as important as the cleanse itself.

 The more of these guidelines that you follow the more likely you are to see a long-term benefit from this week-long detox…

Danielle’s Guidelines to Breaking a Cleanse

#1) Don’t go Crazy: Believe me, if you try to ingest everything that you have been craving all week you are going to feel awful. You just spent a week eliminating all of the junk from your diet - if you try to overload your system you are likely to feel nauseous, bloated and irritable (not to mention guilty). Indulge in the one thing you’ve missed the most and leave it at that - there are many more days in the week for all of your favorite treats…

#2) Eat Fruit Alone: Fruit is digested much more quickly than other foods. When eaten in combination with proteins and/or fats the simple sugars from the fruit begin to ferment in your stomach (while the other, slower-digesting, foods are broken down). This often leads to gas and bloating (not. sexy.). Eating fruit alone allows your body to fully absorb all of the nutrients within the fruit without compromising your digestive system.

#3) Re-Introduce Allergens One at a Time: Many of us have food allergies or sensitivities that we are completely unaware of. By re-introducing the major allergens one at a time you will be able to note any digestive upset that may be attributed to that specific food. (Common allergens to monitor: wheat/gluten, peanuts, dairy, soy, corn)

#4) Maintain At Least 1 ‘Rule’: The goal of this cleanse is to (hopefully) shift your lifestyle in some permanent way. Whether it’s your morning lemon water, the reduction in caffeine, chia seeds with breakfast, no grains past lunch: pick one ‘rule’ and make it permanent. One small change can have huge long-term benefits on your health.

Congrats again! Enjoy the upcoming weekend & feel free to write me if you have any questions or comments - let me know how you’re feeling on Day 7!

Happy Re-tox.




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